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UE Design

See clearly the demands from users, adhere to customer-centric and provide relevant personalized service, research and design consulting.

Digital Marketing

Provide one-on-one customized innovative services, and help customers achieve brand communication and business growth with digital communication channels.

Visual Design

Coordinate with the demands from brand operation activities, and achieve content promotion via visual images.

Technical Service

Provide diversified technical solutions and development, operation, and maintenance services, and help Internet companies save costs and improve comprehensive benefits.

Our Dedicated Industries

E-commerce/New retail

The visual design business volume of large-scale marketing activities is more than 50% of domestic mainstream e-commerce platforms.

Interactive entertainment

Provide interactive design, game scene design, character original painting design and front-end services for more than 120 popular games and entertainment products.

Finance/Welfare management

Provide creative planning, UI design, visual design and technology development services for more than 10 large financial platforms.

Life service/Education

Provide user experience consultation and design services for front-line life service and knowledge education platform.


Provide product analysis, interactive framework, UI design, dynamic design and other services for many automobile enterprises.

3C/Intelligent Manufacturing

Provide interactive, visual and marketing activities design services for many mobile phone manufacturers and intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

Real estate/Consumer sector

Provide creative planning, visual design, technology development and other services for customers in many real estate and consumption industries.

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Obedience to the constant craving of customer experience, the Company are committed to creating new experiences and services with brand-new values.


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