Alibaba | Top marketing design casting enterprise profit model

Double 11 of Tmall/Double 12 of Taobao/618 of FreshHema

As a world-famous B2B e-commerce service company, Alibaba operates a number of businesses and obtains support from affiliated companies in operating the business ecosystem.  The businesses of its affiliated companies include Taobao, Tmall,, AliExpress, Alibaba International Exchange Market, 1688, AliMama, Aliyun, Cainiao Network, etc.

As a long-term design service provider of Alibaba, the FULLSPEED participates in the operation and design of the top Internet marketing activities of Alibaba’s business subsidiaries (such as Double 11 of Tmall, Double 12 of Taobao, 618 of FreshHema, etc.) throughout the year to provide visual feasts for Alibaba users.

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